Katy Perry tribute act by Katy Ellis

Katy Perry tribute act by Katy Ellis
Katy Ellis performs a renowned tribute to the pop superstar Katy Perry. This high powered show is so colourful and energetic that she will have you dancing along to all of the hits. Created, produced and delivered with pride, professionalism and the highest level of attention for even the smallest of details. Let Katy Ellis transport you into a fun filled world of cotton candy and oversized lollipops.

Katy Ellis not only shares a resemblance to Katy Perry but she has the same mannerisms, energy on stage and attitude. The costumes were specially made in California for Katy and some are replicas of Katy Perry's actual costumes, for others we have added our own twist! Each of the many costume changes represent the different stages in Katy Perry's career from the Candy Land cupcake loving girl to the Dark Horse Prismatic Era.

Katy Ellis is a "KatyCat" herself and this Katy Perry Tribute knows every Katy Perry song, even the unreleased album tracks. So if you have a special favourite Katy Perry song, be sure to let us know!

We have the highest quality sound PA and lighting systems so your show can be as big or small as you wish. There is also a Katy Perry Tribute band available with additional dancers if required.

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