Take That tribute - Take Five

Take That tribute - Take Five This new exciting and innovative show is one not to be missed. With video screens, 3D visuals used, and top quality audio, this makes these guys stand out from the rest.

Did you know that TAKE THAT were originally going to be called TAKE FIVE?

This show will run you through 90, 60 or 45 minutes of the highlights of the TAKE THAT years. Fully choreographed and staged to an absolute perfection. Harmonies that are Magic, and costumes that will certainly relight your fire, infact it has been said that when watching this show you are infact in heaven. Some have even said that with a little bit of patience it has most certainly been the greatest day of their life!!!!

These guys are extremely professional and will cater to suit any needs.

Jumping on the band wagon, these guys can also act as singing waitors. Not your usual singing waitors, as this is TAKE FIVE the singing waitors performing classic TAKE THAT songs. This is perfect for any clientel - joining in with the audience and making it an even bigger surprise for your guests.

There is an audio sample of Take That tribute - Take Five here:
Take Five Medley

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